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Introducing Tantric Talk With Sekhmet

๐ŸŒน"Lady Of Jubilation, Goddess Of Healing, She Who Is Most Powerful, Great Mother Of Magic, Weigher Of Souls, Goddess Of Creation And Destruction, The Way Opener! ” ๐ŸŒน

๐ŸŒน How Tantric Talk Can Transform Your Everyday Life๐ŸŒน

She With Many Names, Offers Transformative Tarot, And Rune Casting To Understand, Your Spiritual Journey Thus Far, Sekhmet And I Shall To Take Thee, To The Tree Of Life, To Retrieve Sacred Spiritual Knowledge, Healing And Love On Your Behalf.

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Sekhmet And I, Sequoia Raye "The Radiant" Offer Clairvoyant, Omniscient And Omnipotent Spiritual Counseling, Which Ministers To Your Soul, Heart, And Mind, Awakening The Divine Essence Of God Within Thee, Blessed Be, Namaste!

Who Is Sequoia Raye "The Radiant"?


"Words can't even describe it! I have never had a reading from anyone else who put in so much effort and love. She confirmed me what I felt, also picked up on many things that were worrying me. I listened to the mp3 file at least 4 times to interiorize everything she had told me. She gave me clarity. I'm feeling so much better than before and feel that everything will be fine now. purchasing this reading from her was the best thing I could do! I will recommend her to all my friends who are seeking help. I'm grateful for her assistance. Thank you so much." 

Angelina S.

"I've never written a review that is more than a few sentences, but this is likely to be an exception because I am extremely impressed by Sequoia's work and her talent. I didn't know which service would fit my need, but Sequoia understood my situation very well and recommended me the perfect one. Many spiritual workers don't read your email carefully but she actually takes time to read and pays attention to details. Her reading is not just accurate but enlightening. It helps you to see things clearly and fosters growth and change that you need. After she has performed a ceremony for you, she will send you a video and audio file of the ceremony. Listening to her ceremony was such a powerful experience for me. I am very grateful for Sequoia and will definitely return soon! She is the true healer and shaman!"

Mimi M.

"Blown away! Sequoya's delivery, information, presentation and time always exceeds and surpasses every reading I get. Was grateful she tailored this to what I was looking for (in my husband, not necessarily twin flame) and the whole reading was just warm and loving. highly recommended!"

Courtney S.

I had a very difficult and persistent problem that nothing seemed to help. After consultation, Sequoia recommended Road Opener Ritual, Goddess Bath Ritual, and Sekhmet Sex Ritual.  It was an absolute honor to be part of these beautiful and powerful rituals! The outcomes of these rituals were truly amazing.  My obstacles were finally removed and my dearest wish became manifested! Of course, you cannot just passively wait for your wish to come true and you need to do your part.  However, Sequoia will support and guide you throughout the process.  One thing I would like to highlight is that, not only the outcome of her rituals is fantastic, but also the process of them is life changing!  Her readings are so accurate and help you recognize blockages and opportunities. Through working with her I started my spiritual journey and I feel I have grown so much emotionally and spiritually. I would recommend Sequoia most highly without any reservation!

Angelica K.

"Stunningly Accurate!! Sequoia was able to trace an alien/protector back 29 years ago. Back in 1988, I could not decipher this being nor understand it's purpose in my life. But Sequoia has been able to describe him/IT the way I saw it 29 years ago. . .I am shocked and stunned. I am still speechless. Everyday, I have to replay this reading because these occurrences have been non-stop most of my life. Also that same entity with many appendages always come thru a portal. This is the 2nd time I have seen this. ..But now Sequoia is my witness. I am so grateful someone else is able to explain this entity. ...and it is NOT EVIL AT ALL. ...For years I was thinking I was cursed but I am very Blessed....Big Hugs Sequoia๐ŸŒบ"

Tracy M.