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🌹What Is Tantra? 🌹 Tantra is a Sanskirt word deriving from the root word tan meaning, “to extend, expand, spread, continue, spin out, weave, to put forth or manifest.” Tantra is significant spiritual practice, which awakens your Divine Life Force, (Shakti, Kundalini, Sexual Prowess), stimulating spiritual awareness. Practicing Tantra connects one with his or her innermost. Utilizing Tantra expands the mind, liberates the heart, revitalizes the body and heals the soul. In the practice of Tantra one may experience blissful states of consciousness. Tantra awakens the senses, which allows for self-actualization or self-evolution.  Self-actualization is becoming attuned to the inner self,...

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healing, love, relationship, sekhmet, tantric talk -

 Who Is Sequoia Raye?  🌹Sequoia Raye "The Radiant" Is A Reincarnated Goddess Of Sekhmet,  Here To Heal, Bless And Awaken The Divine Goddess, Within All Whom She Encounter, With The Sacred Knowledge She Possess!     ⚡️ She Has Overcome Past Traumas Of Childhood And Relationship Abuse, With The Assistance Of Sekhmet And Ra, And Many Other Divine Beings Gods And Goddesses, Whom Offer Divine Counsel.    🔮She Is A Mystic Psychologist Whom Speaks Divine Truth As She Advises Your Sacredness Upon Your Earth Journey, By Offering Gentle And Genuine Counsel.   💘 She Is Straightforward When Assessing Any Situation,...

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