What Is Tantra? And How To Use It!

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What Is Tantra? And How To Use It!

🌹What Is Tantra? 🌹

Tantra is a Sanskirt word deriving from the root word tan meaning, “to extend, expand, spread, continue, spin out, weave, to put forth or manifest.”

Tantra is significant spiritual practice, which awakens your Divine Life Force, (Shakti, Kundalini, Sexual Prowess), stimulating spiritual awareness. Practicing Tantra connects one with his or her innermost.

Utilizing Tantra expands the mind, liberates the heart, revitalizes the body and heals the soul. In the practice of Tantra one may experience blissful states of consciousness. Tantra awakens the senses, which allows for self-actualization or self-evolution. 

Self-actualization is becoming attuned to the inner self, whom resides deep within your Temple. Uncovering the depths of you’re being, it may seem daunting, but it is divinely necessary. Tantra ask you to uncover the depths of your soul, by becoming absorbed within oneself. 



 "Innerstanding(Understanding) is the first step to Acceptance

and only with acceptance can there be Recovery!"

~ Joanne Kathleen Rowling



Tantra has many modalities, such as meditation, yoga or intimacy. Tantra is a safe and soothing practice to bring forth healing, enlightenment, abundance and joy to all areas of your life. 

"The aim of Tantra Yoga is to expand awareness in all states of consciousness, whether waking state, dream state or sleep state. To accomplish this we need a kind of "deprogramming" and reprogramming of our human computer."

- SanatanSociety.Org



One may inititate intimacy to utilize Tantra. Below is a magnificent approach to innerstand your Sacred Self. 

 Tantra is a beautiful practice to embrace and encompass the Sacred Self. One may begin to connect with his or her sacred self by listening to your heart beat or breath. As you focus upon the rhythm of your heart and breath, you become calmer, spiritually attuned to the atmosphere around and within your Temple. 

 Once you have initiated a state of inner peace you may begin to explore your Yoni. Slowly caressing or touching your entire being, your face, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, legs, feet, and so forth. To embrace your entirety is to honor the Feminine and Masculine Divine within you. The aim is to become acquainted with your Temple.



When you have achieved arousal, begin to heighten your arousal even further, and then allow it to wane. This builds an extreme level of sexual tension, and strengthens yours emotional awareness, self-control, and increase your orgasms exponentially. Remember to inhale deeply during tantric practices. 

Lastly you will reach a point of no return, releasing a magnanimous orgasm. As you release, orate what you truly desire, quietly or aloud. Tantra is amazing tool to assist with manifesting, healing, and receiving enlightenment.

If, you are seeking more enlightenment with Tantra contact Sequoia Raye "The Radiant"....


📸 Photos:

Le Temple Kandariya Mahadeva (Khajurâho) By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra @flickr

Goddess Of Spring By Claudia Dea @flickr

The Red Rose ………..Goddess By Claudia Dea @flickr 

Article: Sequoia Raye "The Radiant" ©2017

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