🎯 Sekhmet's Road Opener Ritual 🎥 "The Way Opener" 🎯

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🎯 Sekhmet's Road Opener Ritual 🎥

"The Way Opener, Ruler Of The Desert" 🎯

🎯 Road Opener Ritual Releases Blockages, Black Magic Curses, Hexes, Spells; And Shifts Paradigms, Imprints And Implants From Past And Present Memories, Which Cause Trauma, Lack And Limitations Within Your Life. 🚷 

🚧 Road Opener Ritual Relieves The Subconscious (Soul), Heart, Mind And Body From All The Above Erroneous Energies, Which Keep You From Acquiring Healing, Love, Luck, Prosperity, And Psychic Abilities! 🚦


⚡️ A Road Opener Ritual Is A Significant Source Of Magick, Which Removes Hectic Hinderances From Your Path, Reclaiming Your Divine Power, While Awakening Your Angelic Presence Within To Guide You, Upon Your Sacred Earth Journey. 🌎

"Magic Is Nothing More Than A Change In Consciousness!” -Unknown


🔮  If You Have Been Seeking A Deep Cleansing From Within, Then Look No Further, Allow Sekhmet “Protectress And Ruler Of Desert" And I, Sequoia Raye “The Radiant” To Work On Your Divine Behalf, To Bring Forth Restoration Within Every Area Of Your Exquisite Existence. 🔥

🌹 Sekhmet And I Perform Radiant Road Opener Rituals Within The Depths Of The Desert, To Defends The Seeker, First, And Foremost From Any Present Discordant Energies Or Entities! The Desert Is A Divine Source Of Solace, Offering Superior Serenity To Any Aim We Desire! 🌹


Road Opener Ritual Testimonial: 

I had a very difficult and persistent problem that nothing seemed to help. After consultation, Sequoia recommended Road Opener Ritual, Goddess Bath Ritual, and Sekhmet Sex Ritual.  It was an absolute honor to be part of these beautiful and powerful rituals! The outcomes of these rituals were truly amazing.  My obstacles were finally removed and my dearest wish became manifested! Of course, you cannot just passively wait for your wish to come true and you need to do your part.  However, Sequoia will support and guide you throughout the process.  One thing I would like to highlight is that, not only the outcome of her rituals is fantastic, but also the process of them is life changing!  Her readings are so accurate and help you recognize blockages and opportunities. Through working with her I started my spiritual journey and I feel I have grown so much emotionally and spiritually. I would recommend Sequoia most highly without any reservation!



🔮  Sequoia’s Rootwork Clairvoyant Consultation MP3 Reading 

  • 🎧 MP3 Length 45 Mins - 1 Hour, Enhanced By Sacred Sounds. 
  • 📝  Includes PDF Photo Of 🃏 10 Card Tetractys Spread:

🌅 Desert Demonstration: 4 Hours


  • Includes: Road Opener Ritual Captured Illuminated iMovie 7-10 Minutes. 🎥


  • Rootwork Requires A High Level Of Mysticism, And Not All Is Allowed To Be Captured On Film. With That Being Stated, I Love To Offer Thy Clients An Intimate Illuminated iMovie To Enhance The Rootwork Sekhmet And I Perform On Your Behalf! 


🍃 Road Opener Ritual Supplies: 


  • Gold Road Opener 7 Day Candle 
  • Black Sea Salt 
  • (2) 4x4 Purple Paper
  • High John The Conquer Root (Whole) 
  • High John The Conquer Root Incense Powder 
  • 5 Sacred Herbs Chosen For Desired Aimed. 
  • 5 Sacred Oils Chosen For Desired Aimed.
  • 5 Black Chime Candles


🙏🏾 Road Opener Ritual Altar Prayer: 3 Hours


5 Days Of Consecutive Petition Prayers At Sekhmet’s Altar 5555. After Your 5 Days Of Consecutive Petition Prayers Has Commenced, I Shall Email You A Brief Illuminated iMovie, Which Captured A Portion Of Your Prayer Sessions. 🎥


Required Information: 👥 Full Name 🎂 Birthday 💌 Email Address 💞 Please voice any and all areas of concern you would like for Thee to focus of upon, whether spiritual, emotional, mental or physical aliments, etc.    Thank You For Participating In Thy Services! Blessed Be, Namaste Sequoia Raye "The Radiant" 444 Source, Universal Life Force, Chi, Archangels, Abundance, Prosperity, Goal Setting, Doors Of Opportunities, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, North, East, South, West, Stability, Security, Straightforward...