Sequoia's Rootwork Clairvoyant Consultation MP3 Reading

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Welcome To Sekhmet's Sanctuary,

🌹Sequoia Raye "The Radiant" 🌹
A Righteous Rootworker

I AM A Southern Hoodoo Georgian Goddess, Steward Of Ancient Bloodline Of Rootworkers, Shamans, Oracles and Prophets From Ancient Mesopotamia. I AM closely connected to thy ancestors from the red georgia clay, and distant lands of emperors and empresses! I AM divinely gifted and guided with ancestral anointed hands, clairvoyance and intuition, which allows Thee to offer Thy magickal craft in a magickal way, with all facets of life.

Sequoia's Rootwork

🌺I was instructed by a wise High Priestress in Faery Magick, and with Ancestral Hoodoo, I utiize and create enchanted candles, frames, crystals, jars, faery finds, herbs, incenses, sigils, and prayers through Ceremonial Magick. I commune Clairvoyantly with Thy Angelic, Animal And Ethereal Spirit Guides Through Thy Third Eye, Intuition, Tarot, Chakra Oracle Cards, And Runes. 🌺

“Southern hoodoo, conjure and rootwork are living, African-derived mystical, medicinal and spiritual systems of personal and psychological empowerment. Each system involves the specialized use of botanical, zoological and mineral material medica such as herbs, roots, stones, bones and animal parts that are prepared in a medicinal or ritualistic manner for practical purposes such as protection, defense, justice, healing, love or wealth. The systems as we know them today are largely influenced by Native American and Latino Diasporic traditions, as well as European folk magic. That said, Southern hoodoo, conjure & rootwork are African at the root.”-Denise M. Alvarado

“If The Doors Of Perception Were Cleansed Every Thing Would Appear To Man As It Is, Infinite.”- William Blake

💡 Walking your Earth Journey is not about being timid or asleep, just accepting life’s status quo. Now is the time to awaken to your Authentic Divine Self. Accepting your innate spiritual truths, which will assist you to walk your Earth Journey boldly and bravely! Learning to direct your Free Will, Awakened, channeling your Higher Self to manifest your desired destiny. And more importantly, you seek to inherit your divine Gifts of God; Love, Courage, Enlightenment, Blessings, Prosperity, And So Much More. 💡

💡 Enlightenment - Spiritual Chakra Cleansing Ceremony: Awakens Your Divine Authentic Truths!

💰Jupiter Prosperity Ceremony - Allows Your Divine Gifts Of God To Flow Into Your Life!

🌀Blue Ray Reckoning Ceremony - Avenges Your Past And Present Mistake, Receiving Justice!

🔮 I shall perform a personal Clairvoyant Divination Consultation Reading on the heart of the matter, to perceive your whole story before I conclude whether or not to perform Rootwork on your behalf. This consultation also ensures we truly resolve and remove all blockages before performing prosperity, love, reconciliation, or enlightenment ceremonies, etc.

Listing Details:

You are purchasing a Rootwork Clairvoyant Consultation Divination MP3 Reading.

🎧 MP3 Length 45 Minutes - 1 Hour, enhanced by sacred sounds.

- PDF Of 10 Card Spread


🃏 10 Card Tetractys Spread:

🙏🏾 Card 1: What You Desire.

👥 Card 2: What You Know.

💦 Card 3: What You Feel.

💭 Card 4: What The Reality Is.

💔 Card 5: The Weakness Of The Matter.

💝 Card 6: The Heart Of The Matter.

💪🏾 Card 7: Your Strength.

😈 Card 8: Advice From Your Ego Or Devil.

👼🏾 Card 9: Advice From Your Higher Self Or Angel.

🎯 Card 10: Final Outcome.

How To Support Your Goal Or Aim

With All Your Thoughts, Actions,

Feelings, And Divine Spark.

Direct Your Divine Will, I Shall Show You How!


⏰ Delivery Time:

Please Allow One Business Day.

✅ Required Information:

👥 Full Name

🎂 Birthday

💌 Email Address

💞 Please voice any and all areas of concern you would like for Thee to focus of upon, whether spiritual, emotional, mental or physical aliments, etc.
📩 Conclusion:

After I have completed your Rootwork Clairvoyant Consultation Divination MP3 Reading, I shall inform you on the best approach to proceed with on any of the above services. We can communicate via phone or email.

Once we have both agreed to complete any Rootwork on your behalf, you will receive…

Rootwork Contract:

📝 Rootwork Ceremony Contract: Outline And Preparation

⏰ Time And Date Of Ceremony

📩 Conclusion Ceremony Followup Via Phone or Email:

👼🏾 Includes:Angelic perceptions and guidance. Also what you can expect in the coming days

👥💬Communication between client and spiritual advisor Is essential when working with magick, and I therefore limit the number of ceremonies performed. This allows for quality work, and freer communication.

Learn More About Rootwork Followup!